LIST: Tips to help you run your kitchen smoothly this Easter

LIST: Tips to help you run your kitchen smoothly this Easter

Hacks to help lower your stress this Easter, some weird but worthwhile!

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1. Prevent bubbling over with a wooden spoon.

Wooden spoons are known for their versatility when coming to their kitchen use. They are commonly used for stirring food and soups and so much more. Added to that is their use to prevent a pot from boiling over; all you must do is place the wooden spoon on the rim.

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Wooden spoon

2. Use rubbing alcohol to clean stainless steel.

An easy hack to try, you can use cotton to distribute the alcohol evenly.

Rubbing alcohol

3. Run your potatoes through the dishwasher.

A shocker, right? It turns out dishwashers have more to clean than just dishes. Instead of individually cleaning your potatoes, you can have them done all at once.


4. Heat a dish towel in the microwave to eliminate the fish smell.

Ever had to deal with the foul microwave stink? Well, the solution is right in your kitchen. Heating a dish towel with dish soap has magical powers to absorb the smell in your microwave. Please leave it in for 30 mins, and all that stink will go.


5. Polish your copper with ketchup.

Here is another shocker. If you are one to own some Copper kitchenware, then all the help you need is from tomatoes. Yes, ketchup is not only for having delicious French fries but can help you sustain stuff like your copper pots.


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6. Microwave your sponge

For what reason? It turns out that microwaving your sponge helps kill bacteria.


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