Netflix with Adverts?

Netflix with Adverts?

Is an advert popping up mid-movie worth you paying less for Netflix...?

Netflix on TV
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Netflix is on the verge of introducing lower prices to accommodate consumers who would like to pay less… but there’s a catch.

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Well, it’s a win-lose situation, really. However, Netflix is looking to have a consumer-friendly option that will be a way to introduce lower prices, given that the consumer will be Ad tolerant.

This means an advert will pop up while streaming a movie or series. It doesn’t sound like much fun, but for most, it will make financial sense and Netflix will reach an even wider audience.

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It surely makes sense not only from the viewer's perspective but also from Netflix as a business. With the introduction of new streaming platforms launching and some lower in price, the streaming platform is just trying to get its piece of the pie.

Image Source: Pixabay

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