No internet? This is how you play the Google Chrome Dinosaur game

No internet? This is how you play the Google Chrome Dinosaur game

Below you will learn how to play the game when you're both off and online.

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Ever spot the dinosaur on your internet browser, while your internet is offline?

Well, while many people probably just thought the dinosaur was an adorable icon to keep them company while they wait for their connection to comeback, many others pressed the space bar and the browser becomes a beloved game. 

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So how does one actually play this game? 

Internet offline

Play this game by just opening the Chrome browser. Or if you're already in Chrome, try to visit any web page. Once that page opens, you'll see the dinosaur next to its error message.

If you press the space bar (or up arrow) the dinosaur starts running. To jump over obstacles, press the up arrow. To duck, just press the down arrow.

The longer you play, the faster the dinosaur runs. The game is over, once you crash into something.

Pro tip: the longer you hold the up arrow, the higher it will jump.

Internet online

There are a few ways to play this game if your internet is still running:

  1.  The simplest way to play the game online is by visiting this URL: chrome://dino/

  2. There is also an unofficial Chrome Dino website where you can play a replica of the game with different sound and graphics themes, such as this Super Mario Bros. theme:

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