Smart ways to minimise hail damage on your property

Smart ways to minimise hail damage on your property

Taking these precautions will ensure you minimise the damage that can be caused to your property in the event of a hailstorm. 

Hailstones on the floor of an attic terrace
Hailstones on the floor of an attic terrace/ iStock

People around Gauteng are still dealing with the aftermath of a heavy hailstorm that hit parts of the area on Monday evening. 

The storm affected Rosebank, Paulshof, Midrand, Braamfontein, Marlboro, and most parts of the city of Johannesburg.

According to Joburg EMS spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi, the hail destroyed cars, homes, and a hotel. 

"The City of Johannesburg Emergency Management Service officials had a busy Monday night responding to a hail incident which affected mostly parts of Rosebank, Paulshof, Midrand, Braamfontein, Marlboro and most parts of the city of Johannesburg.

"Mostly the reports were about the damage to vehicles, there was an incident of a household that was flooded in Marlboro and we managed to assist the families in draining the water together with the communities in the area," says Mulaudzi.

"There was an incident of roof collapse but there were no injuries reported," says Mulaudzi.

The SA Weather Service warned residents in Gauteng and Mpumalanga that the heavy rains will continue to Tuesday. 

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Protecting your property

- When buying property, it is always advisable to insure it against natural disasters such as hailstorms. This way, no matter what happens, you know you have peace of mind because insurance will take care of things for you. 

- In the event of heavy rain or hail, ensure all windows and doors are securely closed. This will prevent the water from entering your house and causing damage. 

- Trim your trees. The high winds and hail can cause branches to crack, break, and fall, causing damage to your property. 

- Fix any roof damage. The hail might worsen the damage, so fixing it puts you in a better position to protect your house.

- Clear blocked drainpipes and gutters to prevent water outlets from becoming blocked by hailstones which can result in flooding.

- Consider getting dent-resistant metal roofing for your property. 

- You can also invest in window covers or waterproof covers. 

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