Spiteful woman gets back at the neighbour’s dogs

Spiteful woman gets back at the neighbour’s dogs

Spiteful neighbour deals with the source of her problem

Dog net door

Sapphire Jess is a neighbour who was tired of the dogs next door. She decided to come up with a

creative way to sort out the problem. She had spoken to her neighbours about the dogs

barking non-stop prior to this.

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Because the neighbours wouldn’t do anything to assist with this matter, she decided to deal with the

dogs' barking through playing 'Who Let The Dogs Out' by Baha Men.

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This is shown in the video she shared on TikTok when she explained how much of a petty neighbour

she is and she thinks she has peaked in terms of being petty.

Watch the video below:

@saphirejess when talking to them doesnt help and the authorities won't help, take it into your own hands. sometimes petty is the only way 🤷‍♀️😬😂 who's the karen?🤔 #petty #neighbours #neighborwar #badneighbours #badneighbors #fucktheneighbours #Karen #Australia #Aussie ♬ original sound - SaphireJess

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