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Bra Gigs dedicates his top five songs to the Breakfast Show

Superfan of the Breakfast Show, Bra Gigs, is not only a loyal listener, but also a lover of music. Listen as he dedicates his favourite songs to the team, with a special mention for Gerda...

Martin Bester and Tumi Morake 1

We have to agree with Bra Gigs, we really do play #MoreMusicYouLove. 

Breakfast with Martin Bester and Tumi Morake's superfan, Bra Gigs, surprised us all with a voice-note that not only described his love for the music, but even dedicated a few songs to the team. 

If you've been a loyal listener of the Breakfast Show, you would have come across Bra Gigs' hilarious and spontaneous voice-notes. More so, you would have realised that he clearly has a crush on our newsreader Gerda de Sousa, too. 

Take a listen to the hilarious message we received below:

What is your favourite song right now? Let us know by commenting below using #MoreMusicYouLove. 

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