Demi Lovato reveals her dream collaboration

Demi Lovato reveals her dream collaboration

This dream collaboration is influenced by the singer's 'Inner Emo Kid'...

Demi Lovato
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Demi Lovato might have worked with several big names in the music industry, including former 'X Factor' star Cher Lloyd, Lil Wayne, and Luis Fonsi, but there is still one band the singer is dying to work with.

The 'Confident' hitmaker told ELLE‘s 'Song Association' that she wants to collaborate with Paramore. 

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The American rock band was formed in 2004 and is famous for songs such as 'Hard Times' and 'Misery Business'. 

Demi says she has been dreaming of this collaboration for years. 

"My dream collaboration, just because the inner emo kid in me has always wanted to work with this band, is Paramore," the star told the publication. 

Demi also spoke about her latest album, 'Holy F**ck'. 

The album came out over the weekend and has 15 songs.

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The singer-songwriter told Elle that the hardest song for her to write and record was 'Happy Ending'.

She says she wrote it while she was going through depression. 

"I think the hardest song to write and record was 'Happy Ending' because it was emotional for me. Like, I'm so glad I wrote that. It was during a time of depression, and it was so cathartic. It was the hardest to record because I wanted to get all the emotion in it. So I wanted it to be perfect."

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