Guns N’ Roses’ new song ‘Perhaps’ accidentally leaks

Guns N’ Roses’ new song ‘Perhaps’ accidentally leaks

Guns N’ Roses’ new song, 'Perhaps', was reportedly leaked through bar jukeboxes. 

Guns n' Roses
Guns n' Roses/ YouTube screenshot

Guns N' Roses found themselves the victims of an unexpected song leak. 

According to reports, the band's new song, 'Perhaps' was leaked over the weekend. 

It was reportedly leaked on Friday night via a jukebox at a bar, according to Twitter user FNRGiirl. 

The song was scheduled to be released on 11 August, but it is reported that there was a delay in the release. However, it is not clear when the official release date will be.

Some of the band's fans took to social media to request GnR to officially release the song, however, there was no response from the band. 

This is not the first time fans got to hear the song. 

The News reports that 'Perhaps' "had been previously showcased by the reunited GnR as part of a soundtrack before their Tel Aviv performance in June 2023".

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It has been a while since Guns N' Roses released new music. 

Their singles - 'Hard Skool' and 'Absurd' - were released in 2021. 

The band is currently on a world tour. 

The tour started in August 2023 and kicked off in Canada. 

Below are some of the moments captured at their recent shows:

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