Harry Styles drops new music video for 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant'

Harry Styles drops new music video for 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant'

The star features as a bearded sea creature in the new music video.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles / YouTube Screenshot

Harry Styles has a new video out. 

The music video for 'Music For a Sushi Restaurant' was released on October 27. 

It comes from Harry's new album, 'Harry's House'. 

In the video, Harry stars as a bearded marine monster. He tries to save himself from being made into a sushi when he is taken into the Gill's Lounge restaurant. 

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In a previous interview, the star revealed that the inspiration to write the song came when he was visiting a sushi restaurant. 

"I was in a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles with my producer, and one of our songs came on from the last album," he told NPR

 "I was like, 'This is really strange music for a sushi restaurant'. And then I was like, that would be a really fun album title, but then as the song started being made, I kind of just set on Music for a Sushi Restaurant," he added. 

Harry's music video has inspired by those who are against the killing of animals just for human consumption. 

"This metaphor is so powerful. Harry, you always manage to entertain us in the craziest of ways. Your message has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for always sharing your art with us," wrote one YouTuber user.

Another one added: "Beautifully done, funny, yet ultimately heartbreaking in the truths revealed. Harry, you are a true artist and we love you."

The video already has over 10-million views and more than 600,000 likes. 

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Watch it below:

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Image courtesy of Harry Styles YouTube screenshot new music video 

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