Jimmy Nevis dropping "real and honest" album in January

Jimmy Nevis dropping "real and honest" album in January

"2023 is the year to be bold!" 

Jimmy Nevis
Jimmy Nevis/ Instagram (@jimmynevis)

South African singer Jimmy Nevis is gearing up for the release of his new album, 'Things We Don't Talk About'. 

The 'Heartboxing' hitmaker's new project drops on Friday, January 27. Jimmy, whose real name is Matthew Peter Le Roux, will be pouring his heart out in his new songs.

"As an artist and a songwriter, it's a very special time because I'll be sharing some things that I don't think I've even said out loud. I'm going to be talking about some of the f***boys I've dated; sharing some of my mental health struggles over the past couple of years. But overall, also just celebrating my unapologetic self," he shared on Instagram. 

The 30-year-old also reveals how he came up with the name for his new album. 

"I called this album 'Things We Don't Talk About' because I come from a space where it's easier to not face reality, it's easier to suppress, it's easier to sweep things under the carpet, and I guess this is just me trying to become more honest and open - not only with my fans and my music but also just with myself," he said

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The Cape Town musician released his new song, 'Ayo', in November last year. The song's release coincided with the 10-year anniversary of his first album. 

"The earlier days in my career were about using what you have. I recorded my first album in my cupboard, I collaborated with everyone from photographers to stylists, dancers, rappers etc. We didn't even make that much money in that first year, but soon after that, it all paid off!" he wrote on Instagram. 

Jimmy added that it really takes a village. 

"Shout out to everyone who contributed to the year 2012, My first record, my first label, first manager...the first of many things that would change my life. 10 years later, we still out here."

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