Jung Kook talks about how BTS helped him grow as a musician

Jung Kook talks about how BTS helped him grow as a musician

Jung Kook spoke about how being a member of BTS helped him grow and how he can't wait to reunite with the other group members. 

Jung Kook
Jung Kook / YouTube music video

It's been a few days since Jung Kook released his solo album, 'Golden', which features his No. 1 hit single with Latto called, 'Seven'.

The singer caught up with Billboard and revealed some of the challenges he has had to deal with as a solo artist. 

“Preparing as a solo artist and also working as a solo musician… there were times where I really missed [being in the group],” he said.

He added that he feels a void and misses his band members, especially when he is performing. 

“When I was in the waiting room or standing by myself on stage or eating with the staff. We were always together for so many years that I felt the void of them not being next to me." 

The 'Seven' hitmaker said he can't wait to reconcile with them. 

"You know, I miss them. And I was thinking about them. So I suppose that year could seem far away, but I don’t want to think that way. I think the synergy of BTS in 2025 will be incredible. I am so looking forward to it.”

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Jung also spoke about how the group helped him mature as a musician. 

“I think there certainly was a special privilege for being the youngest [member] and I had a lot of help in ways that I may or may not know. And the members are such nice people. I think I took a lot of great things from them. I got so much help from all six of them, it allowed me to grow to where I am today.”

He also spoke about his song, 'Standing Next to You', which is on his latest album, 'Golden'. 

The singer said the song is his favourite. 

“Of course, the song itself is great, but more than that, it just allowed me to see this grandiose picture when I heard the song and I could see myself right away performing on stage with that song,” he said.

 “It has a very special place in my heart because the recording process was really difficult. But one thing that I would like to ask of ARMY is to not listen to it with earphones on or with their smartphone, but to listen to it loud on a loud speaker.” 

The song is currently trending on YouTube. 

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