Katy Perry gives back to fans with new release

Katy Perry gives back to fans with new release

The ‘Katy Perry CATalog Collector’s Edition’ will feature new songs and other bonus materials for the star's fans. 

Katy Perry  catalogue
Katy Perry catalogue

Katy Perry is celebrating the anniversary of her three previous albums by serving her fans with new music. 

Taking on Instagram, the singer announced how she came up with a very cool way of celebrating the success of her previous albums. 

“I don’t really believe in anniversaries, I don’t typically acknowledge them, but this was too good to be true this year. The math totally mathed,” Perry said in a video message shared to her Instagram. 

“Those are monumental numbers," she said on IG. 

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She went on to announce that the three albums will now be in a box set. 

"We figured we'd do something really special with it. So, we put them all in a box set which is super cute. You're gonna love it," she added. 

The 'I Kissed a Girl' hitmaker said the box set will also feature other nice surprise goodies for her fans. 

Some of them will include exclusive behind the scenes action. 

"Things that I've never given you that you wanted. They are all in this box."

"There are some really cool nostalgic merch from the past that we are bringing back and it's just a way to celebrate this fun and love of these albums that you guys have and that I have and that we share together."

According to NME, the box set features extra songs. 

It reports that: 'Prism – 10th Anniversary Edition’ comes with three bonus songs from the album’s deluxe edition and ‘Teenage Dream – Teenager Edition’ will include the extra songs featured on the 2012 ‘Complete Confection’ reissue of the LP.'

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Check out the video about the announcement below.

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