Listen to the Ndlovu Youth Choir’s new song, ‘We Will Rise’

Listen to the Ndlovu Youth Choir’s new song, ‘We Will Rise’

The Ndlovu Youth Choir is back with a new song called ‘We Will Rise’ - to let the world know we will beat the coronavirus and we will rise again.

Ndlovu Youth Choir
Ndlovu Youth Choir/ YouTube screenshot

The coronavirus has affected millions of jobs around the world.

One of the hardest hit sectors is the performing arts. Gatherings are prohibited and artists are no longer able to host shows.

But, even though things are bad, The Ndlovu Youth Choir is here to inspire hope with their new song, ‘We Will Rise’. The group says the world will rise again. 

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"Phakamani! The performing arts are amongst the hardest hit in these trying times, but the human spirit's creativity and resilience promise that, We Will Rise! #WeWillRise” wrote the group on Twitter. 

"This is the first video of an original song," the group announced on Twitter. 

Last week, the choir released the song, 'Jaba Jaba', which encourages people to get vaccinated.

“To get back in the groove after lockdown’s got you down, get vaccinated. Let us not waste time when the vaccine is here so that we are safe. Let us encourage one another to get vaccinated," sings the choir. 

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Below is the video of the song:

Image courtesy of Youtube screenshot

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