Martin and Tumi: Prime Circle rock the roof for #FridayLive

Martin and Tumi: Prime Circle rock the roof for #FridayLive

What do you get when you have one of the biggest bands in South Africa performing on a rooftop? Awesomeness, of course!

image martin and tumi with band on roof

It may be somewhat gloomy outside, but Prime Circle definitely brought the heat as they took over the Breakfast Show's #FridayLive.

Prime Circle have, for many years, dominated the charts by releasing huge albums, and now they are back with their latest offering, 'If You Don't You Never Will'. 

The band joined Martin Bester and Tumi Morake for a rocking rooftop performance and performed one of their all-time biggest hits, along with a few of their newest tracks off their new album. 

They performed 'The Gift' and we couldn't stop singing along!

They also performed one of their new tracks off their latest album, 'Innocence'. 

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