Michael Jackson's mother has received $55M since his death in 2009

Michael Jackson's mother has received $55M since his death in 2009

The 93-year-old mother of the late star has reportedly received more than $55-million since his death amid legal battles. 

Michael Jackson screenshot YouTube video Dirty Diana
Michael Jackson screenshot YouTube video Dirty Diana

Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, has received more than $55-million since his death nearly fifteen years ago. 

This is according to Michael Jackson's estate, which is involved in a legal battle with the late star's mother.

The pop star’s estate made these claims in legal filings on Thursday, March 21, reports Billboard.

The estate is arguing that Katherine Jackson can pay the cost of her attorney's fees amid their legal battle. 

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Katherine Jackson's battle with Michael Jackson's child Blanket

There is an ongoing battle between Katherine and Blanket 'Bigi' Jackson, who is the son of the late pop star. 

The Jackson estate recently struck an estimated $600-million deal to sell part of the singer’s catalog to Sony, reports Billboard. However, Katherine filed objections with the court in 2022. 

The following year, the judge overseeing the estate rejected the objections. This led to Katherine then filing an appeal, which is still pending. However, she filed motions asking that the estate pay for the legal bills. 

According to TMZ, Michael’s son Blanket filed paperwork with the court earlier this week, to object to their grandmother's request to have the estate cover her legal fees. 

He said the appeal was an “extreme longshot” and that it would be “unfair” to force him and his siblings to pay for that case, reports Billboard. 

Katherine's earnings since Michael Jackson's death

In the filings, it was reportedly stated that “Contrary to claims made by Mrs. Jackson’s counsel, the executors have in fact provided liberally for Mrs. Jackson’s maintenance, care and well being,” attorneys for Branca and McClain wrote.

 “Since Michael’s death, the executors have expended for Mrs. Jackson’s benefit more than $55 million,” the court papers stated.

She has reportedly received more than $33-million in cash. She also reportedly receives an ongoing allowance of $160,0000 per month, and she has a $15-million luxury home.

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