Michael Jackson's jacket to be sold for R2.3-million

Michael Jackson's jacket to be sold for R2.3-million

You're going to have to break the bank if you want to own one of the King of Pop's most iconic garments.

Michael Jackson's jacket to be sold for R2.3-million
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There is no doubt that Michael Jackson is one of the most legendary performers ever to grace the world stage.

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While he may no longer be with us, like many deceased superstars, he left a lot behind.

His music will live on forever, but those fans who want more can also try and own MJ memorabilia.

And we're not talking about MJ cups or t-shirts, but actual items that were once owned or worn by the star.

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Propstore will be launching an auction where fans and collectors will be able to bid on various music-related items, which include Amy Winehouse's famous beehive from the 'You Know I'm No Good' music video and Michael Jackson's leather jacket from his 1984 Pepsi commercial.

MJ starred in the commercial alongside his brothers (the Jackson 5) and reworked his hit single 'Billie Jean' to create a new jingle for the brand, referencing Pepsi's 'New Generation' of customers.

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Bidding on the jacket is set to start at £100,000 (about R2.3-million), but is estimated to reach around £400,000 (R9-million).

You can watch MJ and the jacket in action in the original ad right here:

So if you are a Michael Jackson fan and you happen to find a bit of spare cash lying around, then make sure you check out this once-in-a-lifetime sale!

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