VIDEO: Man fights 2m tall kangaroo to save dog

VIDEO: Man fights 2m tall kangaroo to save dog

Luckily those roo-jitsu classes came in handy...

Man saves dog by fighting kangaroo
@sbsnews_au/Mick Moloney/TikTok

When you think of natural dangers in Australia, you tend to think about deadly snakes, massive spiders, and blazing fires.

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There is no question that Australia's wildlife is unique and somewhat frightening, but koalas and kangaroos seem like the least threatening animals you might come across.

But don't be fooled.

An Australian resident recently came face to face with a wild kangaroo and things got pretty physical.

While on a Sunday walk with his dogs, Mick Moloney realised that one of his dogs, Hutchy, was missing.

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He had also noticed that his dogs were acting strange; where they usually would be swimming in the river, they were quiet and avoiding the water.

When he looked to the river he saw a tall and strong kangaroo standing in the water and in that moment Hutchy came up for air, gasping and spitting out water.

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Without a second thought, Mick made his way towards the kangaroo, who was trying to drown his dog and got ready to take on this beast to save his dog's life.

Watch the nerve-racking video below:

@sbsnews_au Watch the viral moment an Aussie man jumped into an outback river to save his dog from a wild kangaroo. The video, captioned “martial arts are for everyone, even kangaroos”, has been viewed over 33 million times. #news #australia #kangaroo ♬ original sound - SBS News

Luckily, in interviews with local news sources, Mick has said that he did get a few scratches during the fight but other than that, both he and Hutchy are recovering well and escaped relatively unscathed.

The former police officer also says he owes some credit to his jiujitsu training and says this incident will not stop them from walking their regular route.

So take note: kangaroos are fighters not friends.

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