Noot vir Noot is back on TV

Noot vir Noot is back on TV

Make sure that you are in front of your TV every Thursday at 19:00 - because SA's longest running game show is back!

Johan Stemmet
Johan Stemmet, Leah and Brendan Peyper / Facebook.

On Thursday, SABC2 relaunched their popular Afrikaans music game show, Noot vir Noot - and we couldn't be happier.

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TV and music veteran, Johan Stemmet is back in the driving seat on Noot vir Noot at 19:00 on Thursdays. So make sure your vocal chords are oiled and you and your entire family are ready for some music madness.

Local heartthrob and singer, Brendan Peyper was the first musical guest of the 43rd season - and the first episode was filled with awesome moments.

As the oldest TV game show in South Africa, Noot vir Noot has been on air for 28 years and the mastermind behind the show is presenter Johan Stemmet. Stemmet recently surpassed news legend, Riaan Cruywagen as the longest standing presenter at the national broadcaster, SABC.

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