Olivia Rodrigo debuts ‘Obsessed’ music video

Olivia Rodrigo debuts ‘Obsessed’ music video

Olivia Rodrigo has a fresh offering for her fans, a new music video and single! 

Olivia Rodrigo Obsessed music video
Olivia Rodrigo/ Obsessed YouTube music video

Kickstart the weekend with a new music video from Olivia Rodrigo. 

The 21-year-old released the ‘Obsessed’ music video on Friday 22 March. So far, the video has received over 600,000 views. 

It has been described as a "masterpiece". A YouTube viewer had this to say about the video: "What we all love about Olivia: She doesn't just express her songs by singing but also by showing the story."

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The song originally came out in 2023. 

She also released a new song called, ‘So American’, from the deluxe version of ‘Guts (Spilled)’. 

The deluxe version has four new songs that previously appeared on vinyl editions of the original album. 

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"GUTS (spilled) is out!!!!! and the music video for obsessed too!" Olivia wrote on Instagram. 

"I made obsessed with @dan_nigro and @st_vincent almost 3 years ago (🤯) and I’m so stoked it’s finally out in the world," she added. 

The star went on to explain how 'Obsessed' is one of her favourite songs. 

"It’s always been one of my favorites and it’s been so fun to play live every night on tour. I’m so proud of the songs stranger, girl I’ve always been, and scared of my guitar as well and especialllyyy excited about so American. hope you guys dig!!!!!! the GUTS have been spilled!" she said. 

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