Ouch! Sia's directorial debut 'Music' wins a Razzie

Ouch! Sia's directorial debut 'Music' wins a Razzie

Well, that's awkward. Singer Sia made a movie, but critics think it is "unwatchable". 

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While Chloé Zhao was making history as the second woman to win 'Best Director' at the 2021 Oscars, singer Sia was making history of a different kind.

Her heavily panned directorial debut, 'Music', just earned her a Golden Raspberry Award at the 2021 Razzies.  The pre-Oscars awards show hands out trophies to what it believes are the worst films of the year. 

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Sia was awarded a Razzie in the 'Worst Director' category. She was up against Ron Howard (Hillbilly Elegy), Charles Band (All three 'Barbie & Kendra' movies), Barbara Bialowas & Tomasz Mandes (365 Days), and Stephen Gaghan (Dolittle). 

'Music', which stars Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., and Maddie Ziegler, received an 8% rating on Rotten Tomatoes

As if winning 'Worst Director' wasn't bad enough, 'Music' took home two more awards.

Kate Hudson won 'Worst Actress', while Maddie Ziegler won 'Worst Supporting Actress'. 

The musical drama was also up for 'Worst Picture', but 'Absolute Proof' was declared the winner - or is that the loser? 

With a budget of $16-million (around R228-million), it is safe to say Sia and her crew lost more than just their dignity. 

Despite the bad reviews, some publications gave 'Music' positive reviews.

"'Music' is indeed an exceptional film, one filled with music and visual splendor with heart at its core," Variety wrote about the film.

Watch the trailer below and judge for yourself:

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