Rihanna talks about the pressure she faced creating new album

Rihanna talks about the pressure she faced creating her upcoming album

The award-winning artist said the pressure stemmed from the success of her 2016 album, 'Anti'. 

Rihanna/ Instagram

Rihanna is one of the most successful artists ever. 

The 34-year-old claims she has been under intense pressure to outperform her 2016 album, 'Anti', ever since its release.

"In hindsight, it really is my most brilliant album. I say that because in the moment, I didn't realise it. But it always felt like the most cohesive album I've ever made," Rihanna told British Vogue. 

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As a result of the success, the 'Diamonds' hitmaker says she wanted the next album to match or surpass 'Anti'. 

"But there's this pressure that I put on myself. That if it's not better than that then it is not even worth it," she said. 

However, she says she later reminded herself that her albums don't have to compete against each other. 

"It is toxic. It's not the right way to look at music because music is an outlet and a space to create, and you can create whatever. It doesn't have to even be on any scale. It just has to be something that feels good. It could just be a song that I like. It literally could be that simple," she said.

The singer and entrepreneur says she decided to let go of her fears and release another album this year.

"So I realised that if I keep waiting until this feels right and perfect and better, maybe it's going to keep taking forever and maybe it'll never come out and no, I'm not down to that. So I want to play. And by play, I mean I have my ideas in my head, but I can't say them out loud yet.  I want it to be this year. It'd be ridiculous if it's not."

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Image courtesy of Instagram. 

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