Selena Gomez graces Vanity Fair magazine cover, talks about new music

Selena Gomez graces Vanity Fair magazine cover, talks about new music

The superstar says being on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine is a dream come true for her and she also spoke about her upcoming album.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez /Instagram

Selena Gomez is working hard in studio to give her fans another powerful album. 

The singer joined Vanity Fair magazine and spoke about the type of music her fans can expect from her. 

Selena, who has never been shy talking about her personal struggles, said she continues to make music about real-life issues, even in her upcoming album. 

“The music I’m doing right now is about real things that I’m walking through," she said during the interview. 

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She went on to describe the music as "really powerful, strong, very pop".

Talking about the theme of the album, the award-winning star said it is all about liberation. 

“The theme generally is freedom—freedom from relationships, freedom from the darkness,” she said. 

In a previous interview with Variety, Selena said fans can expect happy music from her. 

"I am so happy, and you're going to be so happy when you hear the music, I promise," she told Variety. 

"I want everyone to feel good when they hear the new record. I jus want it to be powerful and empowering but really happy," she said.

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Vanity Fair cover 

The Rare Beauty founder is ecstatic about being on the cover of Vanity Fair. 

Selena says from a young age she has always dreamt about gracing the cover of the popular US magazine. 

"I remember being a little girl picking up these special editions of @vanityfair covers dreaming I would be apart of such a talented, inspiring, captivating, game-changing and wonderful group of actors/entertainers," she wrote on Instagram. 

She went on to thank the publication for featuring her in this month's issue. 

"@Vanityfair thank you for making this girls dream a reality. ALSO the coolest peeps to be with! @florencepugh @ana_d_armas Jonathan Majors @austinbutler PLUS every cool person in the game!" she wrote. 

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Below is the cover:

Image courtesy of Instagram. 

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