Sho Madjozi accuses Burna Boy of taking down 'Own It' after BET nomination

Sho Madjozi accuses Burna Boy of taking down 'Own It' after BET nomination

The singer claims it is no coincidence that the remix was taken down soon after BET announced that the two rappers will be competing against each other for the 'Best International Act' award. 

Sho Madjozi's BET acceptance speech / Twitter
Sho Madjozi's BET acceptance speech / Twitter

Sho Madjozi has taken to Twitter to explain why the remix of 'Own It' - which she did with international star Burna Boy, is no longer available on streaming services.  

“For those asking where the #Ownitremix is, after I got nominated alongside him for BET Best International Act, Burna boy asked Stormzy’s team to take down the song immediately,” she wrote on Twitter. 

“I could be wrong. Maybe he has other reasons. But BET announcement was on June 15th and by June 17th I was getting complaints from fans saying they can’t find it," she wrote

"Goodluck to everyone nominated. It’s up to the judges now (I hope they heard my own it verse before it was taken down" she added. 

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Burna Boy responded to the allegations, claiming ‘Own It’ is not his song. He also claimed that the removal has nothing to do with the BET Awards. 

“Own It is NOT my song.If my voice is on it however it should have been properly cleared.If the remix wasn't cleared with the label(Atlantic US)it automatically gets flagged. Nothing to do with me personally or any award. Always best to reach out professionally. Congrats on BET’s!” Burna said when defending himself.

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However, Sho Madjozi did not buy the story. 

“To believe this I would have to believe that: 1. The song got automatically flagged a month late by coincidence.2. When they said YOU wanted it down they meant your label. 3. A big international label would release a song without clearing it. It’s a lot Burna. Let’s keep it Hundred points symbol”.

The original song belongs to British rapper Stormzy and features Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy. However, the remix version featuring Sho Madjozi was released in May. 

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