Taylor Swift reveals favourite song from her 2019 'Lover' album

Taylor Swift reveals favourite song from her 2019 'Lover' album

Taylor Swift has shared her excitememnt about the next song that she will be releasing as a single. It is from her album 'Lover' which was released in 2019. 

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has released countless hits since she broke into the music scene.

The singer is currently re-releasing some of her old music after music executive Scooter Braun bought the ownership of her first six albums back in 2020.  With the new records, Taylor will own the complete rights of her music. 

She revealed to her fans during her show at Pittsburgh’s Acrisure Stadium over the weekend that the next single she will be releasing is 'Cruel Summer' from her 2019 album, 'Lover'. 

She also revealed that the track is her favourite song from the album. 

“‘Cruel Summer’ is a song, I just played it a second ago. I don’t know if you remember. We had a blast, yeah? The one with the bridge where we all screamed. 

“‘Cruel Summer’ was on the ‘Lover’ album. That album came out four years ago. And I just need to let you know something: ‘Cruel Summer,’ that song was my pride and joy on that album," she told fans. 

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She then went on to share how the song, which returned to the Billboard Hot 100 dated June 3, did not initially come out as a single in 2019. 

 “You have conversations before the album comes out. Everybody around weighs in on what they think should be singles. I was finally, finally about to have my favourite song become the single — off of ‘Lover.’

“I’m not trying to blame the global pandemic that we had, but that is something that happened that stopped ‘Cruel Summer’ from ever being a single.”

Thanks to her fans, who continued to stream the song, Republic Records has decided to make it Taylor's next single. 

“No one understands how this is happening, but you guys have streamed ‘Cruel Summer’ so much right now in 2023 [that Republic Records] just decided to make it the next single. Thank you to anyone who’s been listening to that song like 500 times a day.”

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Taylor also thanked her fans in Pittsburgh for the support.  She revealed that they broke the "all time attendance record".

Taylor had two shows at the stadium. 

"Pittsburgh thank you for making me feel sooooo at home in my home state. I mean… You broke the all time attendance record and we got to be the first tour to play your stadium twice. Thank you so much for everything this weekend. You were a mesmerizing crowd, like beyond." 

As the world celebrated Father's Day, Taylor also took to Instagram to honour her father who never misses her shows. 

"Happy Father’s Day to all the dads but especially mine who is one of my best friends, helped meticulously glue every teeny tiny crystal onto my guitar and still never misses a show," she wrote on Instagram. 

See the post below. 

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Image courtesy of Instagram. 

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