Taylor Swift's new album 'Midnights' breaks records

Taylor Swift's new album 'Midnights' breaks records

Taylor Swift's fans come through all the time! The singer-songwriter broke Spotify's record for most-streamed album in a single day after it came out on Friday.  

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift's tenth studio album, 'Midnights', was released on 21 October 2022 via Republic Records and it is already breaking records. 

According to Billboard, the album broke Spotify's record for most-streamed album in a single day. 

Apart from that, it also has the largest sales week for any album since 2017 and is the top-selling album of 2022. It topped Harry Styles’ album, 'Harry’s House'. The sales include pre-orders of the album that were fulfilled to customers through October 21, as well as traditional in-store sales that were generated on the day of release, reports Billboard. 

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The album has 13 songs: 

01 Lavender Haze

02 Maroon

03 Anti-Hero

04 Snow on the Beach [ft. Lana Del Rey]

05 You’re on Your Own, Kid

06 Midnight Rain

07 Question...?

08 Vigilante Shit

09 Bejeweled

10 Labyrinth

11 Karma

12 Sweet Nothing

13 Mastermind

Swift released the music video for one of her favourite songs on the album, 'Anti Hero'. She also announced that she wrote and directed the video. 

"The Anti-Hero video is HERE, which I wrote and directed. Watch my nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts play out in real time, with some help from the excellent @birbigs, @bejohnce, and @maryelizabethellis who fabulously portray… get ready for it… my grown sons and daughter in law? Anyway. Forever grateful to my incredible DP @the_rinayang and our amazing crew," Swift wrote on Instagram. 

Speaking about the song previously, Swift said it allowed her to be vulnerable about her insecurities. 

"Track 3, 'Anti Hero' is one of my favourite songs I've ever written. I don't think I've delved this far into my insecurities in this detail before. I struggle a lot with the idea that my life has become unmanageably sized, and not to sound too dark, I struggle with the idea of not feeling like a person," she said. 

Watch the music video below. 

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