Uncle Waffles and Ciara do the 'Yahyuppiyah' dance challenge

Uncle Waffles and Ciara do the 'Yahyuppiyah' dance challenge

From Drake to Ciara, Uncle Waffles is making serious waves abroad.

Uncle Waffles and Ciara
Uncle Waffles and Ciara / YouTube screenshot

Uncle Waffles is living her dream. 

She recently became the first Amapiano artist to perform at Coachella in California. 

Following her performance, she posted a video showing her chilling with Ciara. The two of them were taking part in the 'Yahyuppiyah' dance challenge that has taken over the internet. 

The video was posted on Tuesday and has received more than 260,000 likes. 

"Uncle waffles you are the sweetest," commented Ciara on the video. 

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Last year April, Drake also gave a shout out to Uncle Waffles. 

The multi-award-winning rapper reposted a video of Uncle Waffles performing at one of her gigs. 

"Drake just mentioned me on his story," Uncle Waffles tweeted. 

"I’ve been screaming for 10 minutes," she added.

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Uncle Waffles, whose real name is Lungelihle Zwane, hails from Eswatini, Swaziland but moved to South Africa where she currently resides.

She released her debut EP, 'Red Room Dragon', in 2022. 

She recently turned 23 on April 4. 

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