The Weeknd praises Susanna Son: "She’s one to look out for"

The Weeknd praises Susanna Son: "She’s one to look out for"

The Weeknd says the first time he witnessed Susanna Son sing, he was blown away and believes she is the next big thing! 

The Weeknd
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The Weeknd is currently enjoying the airing of his series, 'The Idol'. 

The first episode of the controversial series aired on 4 June in the USA. 

When asked in an interview by Variety Magazine about why the film paints a "very dark view of fame", The Weeknd, who plays the character of Tedros, says he wanted people to reassess fame and know all that it comes with. 

"Well, my goal was for people to feel that way when they watch it, you know, and that they’ll reassess [fame]. It’s almost educational, that this is what comes with being incredibly famous," he said in the interview. 

The film shows how famous people attract a lot of pretentious people. 

"You’re surrounded by people who you’re not sure what their true intentions are, even if it seems like they’re good. You just never know. But of course, I’ve been very fortunate to have people around me that I’ve known almost my entire life, which is important, and is a gift."

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The Weeknd also spoke about the incredible people he got to work with. 

"The music in the show is key, and everybody in it, even characters that aren’t musicians, are actually musicians. I mean, Da’Vine Joy is a trained opera singer, Troye Sivan is an incredible pop star. Everybody’s incredibly talented."

He made a special mention of Susanna Son, who plays Chloe. Sussana became popular following her role as 'Strawberry' in 'Red Rocket'. She has also been nominated for a Gotham Award and an Independent Spirit Award.

The Weeknd says she is the next big thing. He even featured her at one of his shows. 

"I’m so excited for the world to finally hear this artist, she’s so incredibly gifted and such a scene-stealer.

"I saw first saw her in [the 2021 film] 'Red Rocket' when we were in casting. I knew right away that she was Chloe, and then at the end of the film, she performs this ballad and I was blown away. Then we met her and found out that she’s actually an incredible songwriter, so musically gifted. She’s one to look out for, for sure," The Weeknd told Variety. 

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The 'After Hours' hitmaker also revealed that he is working on releasing new music. 

"I’m finishing the third part of this of this saga, of this trilogy. The name of it will come out soon, but it’s not called what some fans think it’s called," he said.

When asked if the album will be named 'Afternoon' because his other two albums were called 'After Hours' and 'Dawn', the singer said: "I’m gonna go on the record and say it’s not called that."

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