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Zayn and Taylor Swift are steamy in Fifty Shades Darker music video

The highly anticipated Fifty Shades Darker film just got a whole lot sexier with the release of the video for one of the title tracks, I Don't Wanna Live Forever starring Taylor Swift and Zayn.

zayn steamy video

If there is one thing we cannot get enough of, it has to be Taylor Swift and Zayn in the new music video for their song I Don't Wanna Live Forever. The two have been teasing the release of the video for some time now, posting images and behind the scenes content from on set. 

The video has already racked up millions of views within a few days, solidifying Taylor and Zayn's star status. The video sees the two intimately circling each other, back to back with dark blue lights, setting the mood. 

We could totally go on and on about how perfect this video is, but that would just be spoiling it for you. Take a look:

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