Abdullah Ibrahim announces exclusive performance at Sanctuary Mandela

Abdullah Ibrahim announces exclusive performance at Sanctuary Mandela

The exclusive show will take place on Tuesday, 16 April, at 6pm and tickets are R6,000 per person.

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Abdullah Ibrahim - one of South Africa’s greatest jazz icons - has announced an exclusive performance at Johannesburg’s proudly iconic venue, Sanctuary Mandela in Houghton, Gauteng, on 16 April 2024.

The performance will showcase the establishment’s continued commitment to preserving history and creating a platform for proudly South African artists to showcase their talents.

Ibrahim returns home to South Africa after a five-year absence to give a series of landmark concerts in April 2024. The limited event includes a highlight in Cape Town where he first professionally performed aged just 16 at the iconic City Hall with his final swan song at a personal and exclusive evening at one of South Africa’s iconic locations, Mandela’s former home, Sanctuary Mandela.

Over the course of his career, Ibrahim has performed with the greatest names to ever emerge from South Africa’s legendary jazz scene, including his work with Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba, Jonas Gwangwa, Kippie Moeketsi, and many more. Ibrahim’s personal performance will add to the iconic hotel’s history of pivotal moments by talented South Africans.

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“As I embrace my 90th year, I am delighted to be undertaking these concerts… for me, they are a deeply personal dream - envisaged first many years ago. Perhaps when as a free South African I bought land, or perhaps so many years before that when I was forced to exile? But certainly, I was thrown into sharp relief during the Covid pandemic, when I wondered if, or when, I would see 'home' again,” says Ibrahim. 

The intimate and exclusive concert at Sanctuary Mandela forms part of a world tour for Ibrahim, visiting cities and cultures that in their time were pivotal in his exiled life. His historic performance at Sanctuary Mandela is expected to be a highlight and continues the ethos of the property which celebrates South Africa's heritage, promotes inclusivity, and honours the legacy of Nelson Mandela. The intimate setting provides the perfect stage for Ibrahim’s final performance in South Africa.

The exclusive show will start at 6pm and tickets are R6,000 per person. 

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