Black Coffee says he won't ever get married again

Black Coffee says he won't ever get married again

The Grammy Award-winning DJ spoke about what went wrong in his marriage to Enhle Mbali. 

Black Coffee
Black Coffee/ Instagram

Black Coffee has opened up about his personal life in a recent interview on 'Podcast and Chill with MacG'. 

In the interview, the Grammy Award-winning DJ said things started going wrong in his marriage with actress Enhle Mbali when they started drifting apart due to wanting different things. 

"You meet and you have a common goal, but one of the common goals is understanding each other's pain when you meet. We want different things when we grow, and one of the things I want is to give that dusty little boy as many hugs as I can and reassure him and make sure he's seen. Which is why I'm doing the internal work  I am doing, and that changes me into a different human being as we grow into the relationship.

"I think I can safely say we both started wanting different things. If I can't say we, I'll say definitely I did. Over time we started wanting different things and problems start," he said during the interview. 

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Coffee, whose real name is Nkosinathi Maphumulo, says following his split from Enhle he does not see himself ever getting married again. 

"Today I know for a fact I won't get married again. I'm clear about that because I am now in a better space in understanding who I am. I also understand the kind of pressure society puts you in without ever backing you up. I am with someone and I am in the most peaceful place with that understanding that there is no pressure," he added. 

The DJ is currently trending on Twitter after a video of him chilling with a female friend did the rounds on social media. 

In the video, the DJ can be seen kissing the female friend on the cheek. 

"Guys I have the best time here with my friend," says the unknown woman in the video before touching Coffee's face. 

Tweeps, on the other hand, are convinced the lady is Coffee's new girlfriend. See the post below. 

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Image courtesy of Instagram.

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