Cosmo Sexiest Men: The K2 Twins

Cosmo Sexiest Men: The K2 Twins

The votes were counted and on Thursday evening, Cosmo's June calendar men were announced as winners at the glamorous Cosmo's Sexy Men party hosted at The Sands in Sandton.


Alex & Charlie Kotze, better known as ‘The K2 Twins’ has taken the model industry by storm, with girls drooling over them. 

The votes for the pair who are professional models and successful farmers show that the duo stole the hearts of thousands! 

And it’s not hard to see why! Besides being good-looking they are both absolute gentlemen, hard-working and incredibly down-to-earth. 

More about the K2 Twins:

Farm boys by day, heartthrob models by night! Meet Alex and Charlie Kotze, the 23-year old twins from Vredendal in the Western Cape.

Their mission is to become professional fitness models and lifestyle coaches, but they are completely okay with farming grapes and vegetables with their father when not out striking a pose.


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