International star Oshri in SA

International star, Oshri in SA

International singer, Oshri is currently touring South Africa to promote his new music video 'Crazy But Free' in which he appears naked! 


The New York based singer, who is signed to Akon's record label, was born on a farm near Tel Aviv in Israel. Akon spotted Oshri on stage in Paris and signed him to his label.

Oshri has been passionately developing his musical talent since the age of ten and his first big step in the music industry came after he joined the very famous Israeli boy band, Game Boys.

One year after the group split, Oshri joined the Israeli Idols and made it to the Final 10. 

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After the Idols he decided to enter the Trace Stars Song competition where he competed against 349,000 other contestants - and he won.

His star quality, charisma, and talent were hard to forget as he left a mark on his audience. 

Here is his latest music video for Crazy But Free.

This made Oshri the first ever Trace Star. 

Watch as he sits down and tells MornéJK about his career.

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