Jamie Bartlett's partner remembers him on his birthday

Jamie Bartlett's partner remembers him on his birthday

Jamie Bartlett's partner, Rosa Onious, has shared a moving tribute to her late boyfriend - "it just doesn’t feel right without you here." 

Jamie Bartlett and his partner Rosa
Jamie Bartlett and his partner Rosa/ Instagram

South Africa is still dealing with the loss of legendary actor Jamie Bartlett. 

The actor died of cardiac arrest in May at the age of 55. 

His partner, Rosa Onious, who was with him the day he died, has shared a heartfelt post dedicated to the late star on what would have been his birthday. 

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Rosa talked about how difficult it is to celebrate his birthday without him, and recalled last year's celebrations. 

"It is your birthday today my love. With heavy hearts we celebrate you today. Last year we spent your birthday with the kids during the day then we had a party for 2 later that evening, just the 2 of us. It was so beautiful I remember it like it was yesterday," she wrote on Instagram. 

She went on to share the plans they had made for his 56th birthday. 

"This year your plans for your birthday was to invite your close friends and family over and we would cook up a storm for them. You wanted to spend the day and night indoors with your loved ones, eating, talking, singing and dancing," she wrote. 

Rosa says they went as far as planning a guest list. 

"We made a guest list but we were indecisive about what to cook. Little did I know that it would be a painful one.

"I miss waking you up at midnight to wish you happy birthday and you would get so annoyed that I woke you up," she wrote.

She went on to talk about how much she misses him. 

"Last night I stayed up all night, Just thinking what this day would have been if you were here. I miss your laugh the most, those multiple kisses at once, the way you held my hand with our fingers in between each other’s. You made me feel the power of your love by just that. I miss talking to you. Our moments where we would just lay in bed and talk. I miss your cooking and eating with you. Those breakfast in bed moments. I could go on and on," she wrote.

"It just doesn’t feel right without you here." 

Tons of Jamie's friends also shared words of comfort. 

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