Lynn Forbes shares final birthday celebration with AKA

Lynn Forbes shares final birthday celebration with AKA

It has been three months since the fatal shooting of South African rapper AKA in Durban. The shooting, which occurred on 10 February 2022, has left a lot of unanswered questions.

AKA Kiernan and Lynn Forbes
Lynn Forbes

AKA’s mom, Lynn Forbes, has shared regular videos and pictures on Instagram remembering her eldest son. 

The latest video Lynn shared shows the last birthday celebration AKA had with his family. 

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In the video's caption, Lynn shares how she will never forget his smile, voice, and sense of humour. In the video, you can also see his daughter Kairo. 

There have not been any further updates from the police about the Forbes murder; the last update was from Provincial SAPS spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda who was quoted as saying: “Police are making good progress in the investigation, and when the time is right, the public will be informed accordingly.”

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Watch the birthday video below:

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