PHOTOS: 'The Bachelor' marries his 'good friend'

PHOTOS: 'The Bachelor' marries his 'good friend'

Football star and TV personality on 'The Bachelor', Colton Underwood, who came out in 2021, married Jordan C. Brown over the weekend. 

Colton Underwood
Instagram/ Screenshot

In 2019, former football star, Colton Underwood, became an internet sensation for his good looks and charisma. 

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In 2021, Underwood publicly came out as gay, and released a Netflix series, 'Coming Out Colton'. 

'Coming Out Colton' chronicles Underwood's coming-out process and how he acknowledged his sexuality. 

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Over the weekend, Underwood married partner, Jordan C. Brown.

Underwood and Brown had a three-day wedding with close friends and family. 

Look at the wedding photos below: 

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