Ryan Reynolds created Twitter account to troll himself

Ryan Reynolds created Twitter account to troll himself

Ryan Reynolds has revealed he created his own alter ego 'Uncle Dale' on Twitter so he could troll himself.

Ryan Reynolds
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The 39-year-old star's biography on the social media site reveals he is "Uncle Dale's nephew" and his 1.77 million fans are often treated to reading hilarious insults the pair throw at one another.

One such post even saw Ryan slam his 'fictitious' uncle's weight, when he wrote: "I don't walk. I take brave steps - My Uncle Dale. Seconds before getting on an escalator with a large Slurpee (sic)"

But the 'Deadpool' actor revealed the back-and-forth is simply a product of his wacky sense of humour and imagination.

He confessed: "Err, well, I don't really have an Uncle Dale. He's just a character I invented to say awful things to Ryan Reynolds on social media. So usually he's trolling me in some hideous way and I just think that's kind of funny. I guess I wanted to see what it would feel like to be both the trolled and the troll-ee."

The 'Deadpool' actor is happily married to his wife Blake Lively and the couple are parents to 16-month-old daughter James and are expecting their second child.

And if Ryan could give his teenage self any advice it would be to "chill out" and remember that life is long.

Asked what advice he would give his 16 year old self, he told Metro newspaper: "Probably just to chill out a bit. Take a few breaths and just know that the race is long - it's a marathon not a sprint."

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