Somizi takes a stand against corrective rape

Somizi takes a stand against corrective rape

Idols judge and choreographer, Somizi Mhlongo has lashed out against corrective rape and homophobia in a video on Instagram. 

Somizi Mhlongo

In the video Somizi says that hate will not change his sexual orientation as a result of a certain mind-set.


While South Africa's 16 Days Of Activism against the abuse of women and children is currently underway, Somizi condemned corrective rape and homophobia in the country.


"Your hate won't make me straight," the outspoken media personality said in the video.


"I choose not to keep silent when I see in the news, or I hear of corrective rape taking place somewhere in South Africa. When I hear of a young girl that has been murdered because she is lesbian. She didn't choose to be lesbian, she is lesbian. So all I'm trying to say is that South Africa, homophobes get it into your skull, being gay is just like being black or white, you don't choose it, you are that," he said in the clip.



Mad as hell. @departmentofjustice ur failing us

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