Taylor Swift gives fan her scarf to keep warm during Chiefs game

Taylor Swift gives fan her scarf to keep warm during Chiefs game

Taylor Swift helped one fan keep warm at the Chiefs-Dolphins game which took place over the weekend. The fan got to share her experience...

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Taylor Swift is not only highly talented, but she is also compassionate. 

The singer recently came to the aid of one lady who was attending the Chiefs-Dolphins NFL game over the weekend. 

According to TODAY publication, the lady, Beth Vancil, became lucky and received Taylor's scarf to keep her warm during the chilly night. 

Vancil told the publication that her face was "very red" from the weather, and Taylor took notice of that. 

After noticing her situation, Swift offered help by giving the lady her scarf. 

"She pulled (her scarf) off and was like, 'You need this, you're our good luck charm'," Vancil told TODAY. 

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She also explained how she was sitting right in front of Taylor Swift during the match. 

The fan says she got to engage with Swift throughout the match, and the singer was kind enough to even allow them to take photos with her.

She posted them on Instagram. 

"Kansas City. We came, we saw, we conquered, we swag surfed with Donna, Taylor and Brittany and Taylor gave me her scarf (it was not red and she doesn’t want it back). She thanked us for being her goodluck charms," she captioned the images she shared on Instagram. 

See them below. 

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