Watch: Heart-warming Disney Christmas advert 2020

Watch: Heart-warming Disney Christmas advert 2020

The video is just what we need to get our spirits high for Christmas. 

Disney Christmas advert
Disney Christmas advert/ YouTube screenshot

The festive season is just around the corner and Disney has released its Christmas advert.

The video starts off with a scene of a father returning home for Christmas and giving Lola a special gift - a Mickey Mouse.

The Mickey Mouse becomes part of the family.

But, as years go by, Lola grows and at one Christmas, she leaves her grandmother in the house alone. This saddens the gran, but she finds comfort in the Mickey Mouse. 

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Upon her return, Lola realises that something is amiss and uses the same Mickey Mouse to bring joy to her grandmother. 

She gives her a special Mickey Mouse as a gift for Christmas and decorates the house the same way her grandmother used to do years ago. This becomes a pleasant surprise for her gran and lights up both their Christmases. It also brings back good memories.

The advert is a great reminder that a small gift goes a long way and time with our loved ones is priceless. 

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Image courtesy of YouTube

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