'We wait for no one' - FlySafair turns Karlien van Jaarsveld away

'We wait for no one' - FlySafair turns Karlien van Jaarsveld away

The singer was not allowed to board her flight on Saturday, after arriving four minutes late.

karlien van jaarsveld
Joe Breytencbach and Karlien van Jaarsveld / Jacaranda FM.

Late is late - this is according to FlySAFair after Afrikaans singer Karlien van Jaarsveld arrived 4 minutes late for her flight over the weekend.

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The "Rooilipsoene" singer shared the drama in an Instagram post on Saturday, stating that she was just four minutes late for her flight with the airline. “4 Minute laat by ’n @flysafairza desk, en jy mis jou vlug. Ons mis julle @flymangosa!!!! Hierdie airline is VOL str**t,” she wrote. 

The post has since been removed.

karlien screengrab
Screengrab from Karlien van Jaarsveld's Instagram page / Instagram.

According to the airline, FlySafair is very strict about passengers being on time,

The airline's Kirby Gordon told Netwek24 that, "it isn't fair to the other 188 people that were on time for the flight. We have left other celebrities and important people behind because they were late."

"As much as we love Karlien - and we really love her - it would not have been right to delay the flight for her". Gordon stated, adding that Karlien understood the reasoning once she realised she was wrong. She removed the post on Instagram.

Karlien and her brother, Bobby van Jaarsveld, are currently the presenters of a new reality TV singing competition, Die Kontrak which will crown the next big Afrikaans music star. 

The winner of Die Kontrak will be announced on 23 November during Afrikaans is Groot 2018 at the Sun Arena in Pretoria and will be awarded a recording contract with Coleske Artists to the value of R1-million. 


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