16 Days of Activism: Women and Men Against Child Abuse

16 Days of Activism: Women and Men Against Child Abuse

With the annual 16 Days Of Activism against the abuse of women and children that kicked-off last week, Jacaranda FM's Sister With Blisters took place the past weekend. 

Women and Men Against Child Abuse
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The event is a highlight on the Jacaranda FM calendar and focuses on raising money and awareness to support the cause. 

One of the organisations that benefits from Sisters With Blister is Women and Men Against Child Abuse.

Women and Men Against Child Abuse is an organisation committed to fighting for the rights of the child and to end the abuse of children in South Africa, by striving to form a multi-faceted, dynamic and aggressive offensive against any form of abuse.

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The non profit organisation was founded in 1997 and is recognised by the South African Revenue Service as a Public Benefit Organisation with Section 18A tax exemption status. 

According to their website, the spiralling increase in incidents of child abuse in our country necessitated the provision of specialised child-abuse facilities, as well as the introduction of preventative programmes to break the complex cycle of abuse. 

"The cycle of abuse is such that it has a domino-effect, and the number of people whose lives are affected by just one incident is immeasurable. This proves very costly to society in general, as child abuse can have a profound impact on the emotional, behavioural, cognitive, social, and physical development of children. In some cases this results in lifelong loss of potential, and chronic mental and physical health problems," the website stated.

According to the organisation's Executive Director, Kevin Barbeau they assist children with free medical services, psycho-social treatment, therapeutic treatment, court preparation and preventative programmes.

"Its not just the funding that is appreciated and needed, but it is the awareness that we are most grateful for," Barbeau said.

If you need help or any form of support, click here.

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