Alex on tenterhooks as Dudula Movement meets behind closed doors

Alex on tenterhooks as Dudula Movement meets behind closed doors

The community of Alexandra is on tenterhooks as tensions between locals and foreign nationals threaten to boil over.

Public order police chasing crown in Alex March 2022 Dudual Movement
Nokukhanya N Mntambo

The township neighbouring Sandton was shaken on Monday when clashes broke out in the CBD after the Dudula Movement called for non-South African business owners to close shop.

The calls come amid renewed efforts to recover the local economy and return jobs to cash-strapped South Africans. 

By Tuesday, calm had returned to the area except for an isolated incident where law enforcement gave chase to a group gathered outside the famous Freedom Supermarket. 

Watch police give chase below:

Chairperson of the Dudula Movement Simon Tsatsi didn’t show his face in the CBD on Tuesday, citing personal reasons. 

It's understood police are looking for him.

Tsatsi denied being in hiding, adding there were consultations behind closed doors with community members about the way forward. 

“We are going to continue with the operation with the community because we can’t go back,” Tsatsi said.

“We are going forward with the shutdown."

A total of six people were arrested for public violence.

“I’m not in hiding. I received a call from the station commander saying I must come to the police station. When I was in Soweto attending family matters, I was called by my neighbour to say there were 20 cars on my property. When I called the station commander, he told me he will see me in back from Soweto," said Tsatsi. 

“The reason the station commander wanted to see me, he didn’t tell me. 

“If I was having a warrant of arrest, I was going to hand myself in but now the station commander wants to see me but I don’t know why so tomorrow I will go and see the them,” he said. 

The volatility of the situation in Alex has also left police on standby, with dozens of officers visible on the ground. 

Watch Tsatsi below:


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