Dudula Movement vows to shut down Alex amid ongoing tensions

Dudula Movement vows to shut down Alex amid ongoing tensions

A breakaway movement of the controversial Operation Dudula has vowed to shut down Alexandra amid ongoing tensions between locals and foreign nationals.

Dudula Movement vows to shut down Alex amid ongoing tensions Operation Dudula March 2022
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This after a group of community members organised under the banner Dudula Movement made their way through the Alex CBD on Monday, calling for foreign nationals to pack up shop.  

Members of the Dudula Movement, believed to be Alex residents, claim the calls are part of a larger movement to cleanup the township and rebuild the economy.

But shop owners wouldn’t be intimidated by the large crowds carrying stones and barricading roads with burning tyres.  

The march, similar to that seen in parts of Soweto, drew heavy police presence.  

A member of the Dudula Movement in Alex, Agnes Malatji, denied claims the march had xenophobic undertones.  

“The movement is not xenophobic, we love our African brothers and sisters however we are pleading with the government that things should be done the right way because the influx of foreign nationals in our country is super scary. 

“As much as I am a South African I can’t just go to a foreign country, for example Zimbabwe, and get there and run a barber shop by the street corner. There are laws, there’s regulations, there’s procedures that I must apply to but not in South Africa. 

“In South Africa people they come here and does they please ease the government allows it. The government surpasses the South African citizens,” Malatji said.  

She added locals had taken to the streets after their pleas to government had fallen on deaf ears. 

“You must know that relevant doors have been knocked at and no response and no help has been given so we are hoping with this movement they will come back and assist.”

Several injuries had been reported throughout the day, but the exact number remains unclear.  

The group vowed to return to the streets if foreign nationals failed to heed the calls to leave the township. 


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