Angry exchanges over domestic abuse leads to chaos in National Assembly

Angry exchanges over domestic abuse leads to chaos in National Assembly

Members of Parliament traded insults and accused each other of abuse on Tuesday as the National Assembly descended into chaos.

Julius MAlema
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The exchange between Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema and African National Congress (ANC) MPs took place during the debate on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address.


The house descended into chaos with allegations and counter-allegations of gender-based violence.

The angry exchange between Malema and African National Congress (ANC) MPs started when the governing party’s Boy Mamabolo stood on a point of order and accused Malema of abusing his wife.

"We must make it clear that the matter I am raising here is not a personal one.


"My question to honourable Malema is that gender-based violence is happening at your house. The matter has been dragging for too long. You are abusing your wife, we want you to stand here and assure us if the matter is true."

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Malema refuted the claims and turned the tables, adding that he has it on good authority that President Cyril Ramaphosa used to abuse his late wife Nomazizi Ramaphosa.


"I've never - not once. Not my ex, not my wife, not anything, I've never laid a hand on my wife,” Malema said.


"I've got information that the president used to beat his wife, Nomazizi, may her soul rest in peace."


Chair of the National Council of Provinces Amos Masondo then asked Malema to take back his claims or leave the house.


"Can I ask you for the last honourable Malema please withdraw the remark and if you don't want to withdraw the remark I am about to ask you to leave the house".

"I said I don't beat up my wife. 2) my letters wrote a letter to Hon Mambolo because he repeated outside.  He must pay me R1 million or else I am taking him to court. Ramaphosa must answer did he beat his wife."

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