CCTV footage reveals how Ajay Gupta made it out of SA

CCTV footage reveals how Ajay Gupta made it out of SA

OR Tambo Airport management says it is in possession of footage showing Ajay Gupta leaving the country earlier this month.

OR Tambo catch
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Ajay Gupta who is now considered a fugitive of justice, failed to hand himself over to the Hawks on Wednesday over an investigation into Estina Dairy Farm. 

OR Tambo spokesperson Leigh Gunkel-Keuler says Ajay Gupta boarded an Emirates flight to Dubai  on 6 February 2018.

"We do have information that confirms that Ajay Gupta did leave OR Tambo on a flight to Dubai at 20:30".

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"We took an opportunity and decision as airport management to look at any footage we may have available, any information be it boarding passes etc to see if whether we can assist with this issue", 

"On finding the information we were duty bound to inform the lead investigator of the Hawks in as far as information we have been able to confirm", adds Gunkel-Keuler.

Airport management could not confirm if Ajay Gupta was back in the country.

"However what we cannot confirm is whether he did come back into the country, because he may have well come back into the country via another port of entry", says Gunkel-Keuler.

OR Tambo will be handing all the evidence to the Hawks to further their investigations.

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