Coligny farmers granted bail

Coligny farmers granted bail

Magistrate Makgaola Foso has granted Pieter Doorewaard and Philip Schutte bail in the Coligny Magistrates Court.

Pieter Doorewaard and Philip Schutte
Photo: Maryke Vermaak

The two farmers are charged with the murder of a teenage boy.


They have been released on R5000 bail each and they have been ordered to hand over their passports.


They are accused of killing the boy after he allegedly stole sunflowers from a field.


The incident led to violent protests in the small North West town.


Magistrate Foso says the men don't have previous convictions or pending cases against them.


"Both accused person before court do not have previous convictions, nor pending cases and there is no evidences that they have previously been charged with offences that involve the use of force or violence. There is no evidence suggesting that they could be having resentments against any person," says Foso.

Magistrate Foso he also dealt with some legal challenges.


"The dispute on the merits is whether the incident happened according to the accused's version or the state's version. At this stage, the court is not going to commit itself on the credibility or reliability of any version. To even complicate matters, the identity parade has not been held. The witness as well has not linked or sufficiently described the deceased to be the person he is referring to in his statement," says Foso.


Meanwhile, a large group of protesters have gathered outside court where police have been deployed since early this morning.

Photos and videos by Maryke Vermaak

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