Coligny whites-only petition is racist: Sanco

Coligny whites-only petition is racist: Sanco

The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) on Wednesday, slammed a petition signed by white Coligny residents calling for the release of two farmers accused of killing a teenage boy as racism in action.

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“It is shocking that some of our compatriots in typical Ku Klux Klan fashion choose to demonstrate solidarity with alleged perpetrators of one of the worst atrocities in our farming communities,”said national spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu.

“We are confident that the cause of justice will not be deterred by unprecedented lunacy and barbarism as any action to the contrary will send a wrong message to society pertaining our constitutional values and upholding the culture of human rights.”

On Tuesday, defence witness Pieter Karsten told the court residents of Coligny had signed a petition in support of Pieter Doorewaard, 26, and Phillip Schutte, 34, accused of killing Matlhomola Jonas Mosweu, 17, on April 20.

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He said more than 100 people signed the petition and wanted charges against the two withdrawn.

Prosecutor Nkhetheni Mudau asked him why only white people of Coligny signed the petition, he replied that he did not have time to approach black people, and it was not logic to canvass for their signatures because black people were against the two being released on bail.

Matlhomola’s death sparked a mass protest that left three houses and three trucks burnt, several shops in Voortrekker Street were looted and damaged.

The bail hearing of the accused was postponed to Friday, for further evidence.

Sanco appealed for calm in Coligny.

Matlhomola would be laid to rest this weekend in Coligny.

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