Critical water warning for Capetonians

Critical water warning for Capetonians

The City of Cape Town metro on Monday issued a "critical warning" to water users in the Mother City.

Limpopo Drought
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The city has warned residents to only use water for drinking, cooking and washing as dam levels drop to 21.2 percent, or an effective 11.2 percent, as the last ten percent of dam water is not useable.


"The latest [daily] consumption has jumped up again to 718 million litres, which is 118 million litres over the consumption target of 600 million litres," a statement from the City said.


"This communication serves as a critical warning to all water users in Cape Town to cut all non-essential use of water immediately. This is not a drill."


Mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services, Xanthea Limberg, said the city had reached a critical point in the drought crisis.


"We are essentially saying that you are only allowed to use a bit of water for drinking, cooking and washing," said Limberg.


"Although we continue to work non-stop to force consumption down, overall use remains catastrophically high. This is not a request. We have seen huge saving-efforts, but the unseasonably hot autumn is exacerbating the situation and we must all do more."


She advised that consumers should use no more than 100 litres of water a day.


"Stop flushing toilets when not necessary, shower for less than two minutes a day or use a wet cloth for a 'wipe-down', collect all would-be wasted water and use it to fill up toilet cisterns, among others."

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