Dagga Party looks towards 2019 elections

Dagga Party looks towards 2019 elections

The leader of the Dagga Party says they're serious about winning some seats in Parliament in 2019.

Dagga Party

Jeremy Acton says his party has received a lot of public interest since the Western Cape High Court ruling in March that the cultivation and private use of dagga by adults should be legalised.

The State has since appealed that judgment.

Acton says they expected this, and are prepared for the long battle to the Constitutional Court.

He says no date hasbeen set for the appeal yet.

"The state attorney is apparently waiting for some feedback from higher up. We are in a waiting zone at the moment from some other process about when the matter might come before the Supreme Court of Appeal," says Acton.

Acton says his Dagga Party is looking to shake things up in the 2019 national elections.

"We are going to go for at least 300 people on our lists for Parliament and raise the money and then see where it goes from there. We have to be another option on a larger scale where there is not debate about who is the new culture."

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