Day 2 of public hearings into Eskom price hike

Day 2 of public hearings into Eskom price hike

The public hearings into Eskom's application for a tariff increase will wrap up in Cape Town today, where after it moves to Port Elizabeth.


The power giant has come under fire on social media following yesterday's public hearings into the embattled power giant's application for yet another tariff hike.

"We aim to transform society through our supplier localisation drive, as well as corporate social investment in community education, health and developmental projects," Eskom said.

Meanwhile the Right 2 Know Campaign opposed the application by Eskom for a tariff increase that could see electricity tariff increase by 17%.

The R2K campaign released a statement that read:

R2K will be protesting outside the NERSA public hearings that will be hosted across the country from January 18. As part of the public, we demand full information, full participation and a fair process.  How can we be expected to fully participate in these processes when there's no transparency around matters like the nuclear deal and all the energy-related decisions taken. Such information should be made public.

It said that Eskom must accept responsibility for its own problems and come up with alternative solutions. 

"The public should not have to pay for ongoing corruption, mismanagement and wasteful expenditure," the statement read.

- Load shedding - 

Power utility, Eskom released a statement confirming that no load shedding had been scheduled for Tuesday. 

"Eskom is progressing well with the maintenance of its power generating units, whilst supplying the country's electricity needs," the statement read.

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